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Trojan Found on SCADA Server

The Public Ministry of Amazonas (MPAM) suffered an attempt of cyber invasion in the Official Gazette of[…]

Remote Software Upgrade Causes Loss of Control & View

Italy is suffering from a massive ransomware attack, where victims have to pay criminals to regain access[…]

Pennsylvania Water Company Hack

US payments giant NCR confirmed over the weekend that a data center outage is the result of[…]

Engineers Hack into Los Angeles Traffic Signal Computer

Steal credentials, exfiltrate data or personal information from users and gain full control over infected machines

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Scrammed Shut Down

Ukrainian anarchist cyber army blew up InfoTel, which supplied its communications services to hundreds of other companies,[…]

Power Plant Security Information Leaked Onto Internet

Chaos was caused by a crash in the Notam system, which alerts pilots and other flight personnel[…]

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