There are frequent reports of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure. However, finding reliable information about what happened is not always an easy task. There are some databases on cyber-attacks, public or private, that are available. Each database has its particularity and is focused on a specific segment or type of attack.

TI Safe pioneered on this project to solve the problem. The portal centralizes information about industrial cyber-attacks from major sources in one place. The curatorship is carried out by the TI Safe R&D team.

The original content in English was kept in original format to avoid loss of details. The Incident Hub is a living organism constantly updating. If you would like to cooperate with an incident, please complete the incident reporting form and our team will contact you to validate the incident and collect the necessary authorisations for its publication.

Databases used on April 2022 update:

RISI – Public incident database.
• CIRWA Project – Private incident database available on demand.
TI Safe – Incidents collected from public news published on the Internet
SCIDMARK – Systems and Cyber Impact Database Markup

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